Doyon spiral mixer

I am considering buying a Doyon AE015 spiral mixer.
I think it is new, makes a 50 pound dough.

Anybody out there know this or a similar one.
Would appreciate any feedback on spiral mixers, I have never used one.

Otis talks some about Doyon, though not spirals. I tried finding out more info on the Doyon’s a while back and that’s all I got.

You also could call Doyon and ask if there’s a test kitchen in your area you could try one of their mixers.

I can’t speak for the spiral mixer but I can speak to Doyon"s quality.
I have most of my major equipment from them and am planning to buy more. Their tech support is great.

do you use the Doyon conveyor oven ?

I have a doyon FC2G that is great. I will be adding a second one in the very near future. I have just sent out an RFP to my suppliers.

The FC2G is a 37 inch impingment conveyor, for those who do not know

D, what does RFP mean (to your suppliers ? )

there may be others who do not know also.

thanks for the reply,


Sorry I have worked for BIG BROTHER too long.
Request For Pricing

Daddio, you say that you have most of your major equipment from them. Is it just the oven, or do you have a planetary mixer, sheeter, or what? Doyon is a brand I’ve tried to research, but have had little luck finding someone who uses their products. I get the standard “hobart for a mixer” and “acme/anets/somerset for a sheeter” responses.

Longevity of a Doyon planetary mixer is one thing I’d really like to find out about. Mixing mashed potatoes is one thing, mixing pizza dough is a completely different animal :).

This is the mixer I am using with the #12 hub option for cheese and what not. I make an average of three batches of dough (50lbs of flour each) , shred 75lbs of cheese, and slice 10lbs of mushrooms every day with no trouble.

This is the warmer/display I have

This is the oven I am using

I do not use a sheeter but I have seen their and was impressed. For me it was a matter of this equipment being made here in Canada so there was less cross boarder grief and Doyon has been quite helpful with any question I had.

thanks Daddio

appreciate the detailed products links on your Doyon equipment.

You must do slices too, because of the hat box you have.

Could you share some more about how you doi slices.
I will be doing lots of slices, probably, in the mobile pizzeria.


Daddio, you rock! I appreciate the links, as that tells me EXACTLY what to look for. There is one more question I have. What’s your water:flour ratio (how many pounds of flour and how many pounds/gallons/liters of water)? If it’s a thicker dough (50% AR), does the mixer ever flinch or is it threatening to make a double-batch with two gears tied behind its back :slight_smile: ?

I use 57% water for my dough. If it is much less than that the machine does complain a little.

Re: thanks Daddio

I sell about 80 slices per day mostly pepperoni and ham and pineapple

Don’t you just wish I’d ask all of my questions at once? :slight_smile:

Their site says 50 pounds of flour, 80 pounds dough, 55% AR. My math makes that a 60% AR, but who’s to complain? :slight_smile: Obviously you like your dough so you just may not know, but have you tried smaller batches with a lower AR (like 40 pounds of flour, 20 pounds of water)? I know 50 pounds of flour is easier to mix since you just dump the whole bag in, so it may just be a “dumb question”.

Next, do you load the flour and such with the bowl down or up? I’m just curious how hard the bowl lift is to use with the bowl full (easier to get the flour in with it down lower and more clearance between the head and the bowl).

How long do you mix your dough? Was the BTF060 (non-pizza mixer) even considered? If so, did Doyon suggest springing for the extra money and going with the pizza dough mixer or what swayed your decision? The specs seem VERY close.

Thanks again.

I make three batches of dough a day so no I have not tried smaller batches.

I load the bowl in the down position my cook that is a 4"10" 95lb sixty year old lady has no trouble raising it.

I mix my dough for 10 min.

No I did not consider the non pizza mixer. The price was still way better than a Hobart.