Dream POS functions

I am currently creating a custom POS system for our store to help create a constant marketing routine, I have only seen basic POS and keep coming up with ideas that I think will be helpful.

For instance, my POS now once the kitchen slip is printed, will print on the back of a nice color boxtoppper two or three coupons tailored to that customers order history (if I don’t have email address there will be an online offer, if they order just one pizza regularly then they will get a one pizza combo deal, if they are a first time customers they will get deal to repeat quickly while the taste is still in their minds, etc)

What functions to you find essential for marketing with your POS? and do you have any ideas of what you would love to see your POS do?

Some where on Think Tank there is a POS section…Lots of good material in there last time I looked…

I love our POS. The only thing I wish it had was a better scheduling program.