What size portion cups do you use for your salads and side orders?
Dressings,dipping sauce , etc.

We use 2oz portion cups for our salads which are decent size (5oz lettuce to start). I figure the packets a lot of places give out are 1.5oz. A 2oz cup is plenty and cheaper. Our boneless wings get 2oz ranch/blu cheese on the side for 8pc and 4oz for 12 pc. Breadsticks and cheesy garlic bread get 4oz cup of pizza sauce. 6pc mozz sticks get 2oz cup of pizza sauce. I have 2oz & 4oz garlic sauce they can buy ala carte. That’s everything I can think of off the top of my head.

3.25 oz here. Anything less is not enough so customers ask for more and the 4oz and up is just too much.

4 oz

3.25oz (and I use the black ones to look more appealing)

I use the 4oz cups for dressings and the 2 oz cups for dipping sauces

Newman’s Own packets for dressings. Customer LOVE it. No mess ever too.

We use 2 oz. We also have 8 oz that we use for the larger salads

I have only 2oz cups
I give 2 of them fir large salads and large apps.
I used to have 3.25 oz also but its so much easier with the one size now.
A perfectly filled 2oz souffle is

1.7oz to 1.8oz not 2oz (the cap splurts out if filled too much)

I use 12 oz deli containers for catering salads

we use the 3.25 oz cups people around here love their dressing any less than that and i think people would be constantly asking for extras

Ive came to the conclusion that prepackaged- shelf stable dressing suck. Once you make the hidden valley or good seasons dressings youll never go back.
The Newmans own does got me wondering though. Nobody i use carries it though.

Newmans Cesar is killer, don’t know about any other dressing cuz we just make our own. we use 2 oz for side and small salads and 2 2oz for large salads

We can order the Newman’s through either USFood or Sysco. We carry about 5 choices.