Drink prices-


Working on the POS set-up
Can you guys shoot me some suggested prices on the following;

Lipton Iced Tea
Starbucks (coffee drinks)
Ocean Spray

I know there is some vagueness in there and the lack of sizing makes it even more so but any assistance would be appreciated.
Always been Domino’s so I have the 20 oz/2L thing down but not much else!

Once you have a decent selection, people that are thirsty will order something from the assortment you have. I don’t see them going elsewhere because they don’t like the drink prices.

Double your cost. Round up to the next rational price point. If the item doesn’t sell for that price drop it and change to something that does.

Agreed… and thanks.
Just trying to get some info on retail (what you are charging) prices to get the the POS people as the build the system.
Have not gotten solid pricing from Pepsi, yet.

Go to the closest convenience store and check their price then add 10-20%.

Another suggestion would be to try what your competitors in the neighborhood are selling their drinks for, by visiting their website.

So you sold your Dominos and have now opened an independent shop?

Thanks- this is a pretty hip downtown type of place… mostly foot traffic but will see what others are charging.
Yes, my own place but nothing like a DP.

if you dont mind me asking, how long were you with DP and why did you decide to sell it?

32 years.
I started in '83 and the experience was different. It slowly morphed into something that I was no longer interested in being a part of. I found the last few years to be particularly unpleasant and knew that it was time to go. Not about the money, sales, stock prices, etc. I could write a book, believe me.

32 years? wow.

Man, how I wish you wrote a book.

Would you be able to tell how much your SDE (net income + discretionary add backs) was, what was your asking price and how much did you eventually sell it for?

Just trying to get a sense of valuations for businesses…

Ha! You started about the time I left. I started in 1978 and last worked there in '81 or '82. I was there for the 200th store and the Manager Trainee class action suit. Raw sausage. Three part stickers. Glass bottles of coke. Drivers hitting 100 delis a night (campus store).

Yup… DOOR sheets. I remember the raw sausage, too. Some crazy times back then… I started in campus stores, be on the road until am.
We actually had fountain. Just Coke… simpler times. Was the suit the Domino’s Sugar one?
I can’t help much, Pizzaboi. Just too many variables for ANY relevance. More than happy to disclose, no secrets… but correlations will be hard to make.

No issues.

No, the overtime for trainees.

When I was a level 5 trainee I worked in six different stores covering manager days off and vacations. A couple of them did fountain but most did glass quart bottles. Just Coke like you said in both.

I remember the Sugar suit… had to say “PIZZA!” after “Domino’s”