I already have a accessible window that i can convert into a drive thru with very little cost.
Has anyone done this?
Do you think it was a a good addition?
Any input would be appreciated.

I’ve only heard good things about them for pizza , never seen one…

a thought…make the height and width user friendly to the customer,

my shop was carry out only i added driv thru shortley after opening it was by far the best thing i had done!until i started doing ice cream and shakes etc. people have the mc donalds frame of mind order at window food magicly appears at next.within a couple of minutes it never failed when we were hammerd someone would order 4 shakes and a bannana split then they would get upset they would have to wait plus it would screw up our make line being were so small having to pull someone off etc. my words of wisdom would be if you could set it up for pick ups only and someway enforce it :lol: it would work great. i know the pizza hut where i used to live had one and you could not order only pick up it was great.

this is one of my concerns.the mentality of micy-d’s drive thru.
the window is in an area that is out of the way from kitchen,and will take up a few parking spaces.
i was thinking of giving the customer a pick up number at time of call and having one of those L.E.D. signs that displays the number so they will know it is ready for pick up.this is the only problem i have to consider is when they come to early for pick up they are not blocking the others from the window.
any ideas on this?

“i know the pizza hut where i used to live had one and you could not order only pick up it was great.”

…that sounds like a plan…takes longer to make a pizza than put a hamburger together…

lots of people call us and come by and pick up their pizza so they do not have to wait…the drive thru pick-up only would be great…most of them have cell phones and cars,

We had a drive thru when I managed a CiCi’s in Fort Worth Texas.

The majority of orders were to pick up an order that was called in, and it worked GREAT! Occasionally, someone wanted to place an order at the window, so we took the order and had them park in a couple designated spots, and waved them over when the pizzas were done, or ran it out to them.

The key was we had pizza warmers, a register and credit card machine, and a phone at the window.

On the weekend, we kept the window staffed all night, and they folded boxes and poured dressing when they weren’t busy.

There used to be a PH in NY that had drive-thru. You’d call your order in and they’d give you a number. When got there to pick up your order you’d drive around back and there was a lighted board with numbers 1-60 on it. If your number was lit, your order was ready. If it wasn’t lit, there was a small parking lot that you could park and wait.

Out here in central PA there’s a chain of pizza shop drive-thrus called Best Way Pizza. The pizza is so bad, but people don’t care because it’s convienent. They back the pizza in these huge rectangular trays and cut it up into squares. Every time I pass by there, there’s at least 2-3 cars in line. No matter what time I go by there. They have a very small dining area and a picinic area that’s popular during the summer months.

I kid that I can’t wait for the bank besides us to close. This way we can expand over there and have a dining room and be able to do delivery. The only problem is that they don’t have a window. It’s just a couple of cameras with the vacumn tube set-up. I can just see us sending a couple slices and a drink through that system. :lol:

thx for the input,i am toying with the idea…
maybe do a hot and ready kind of thing.