Drive-Up Window

Does anybody who has a drive up window take orders from the window or
is it used for pick ups only. We have customers drive up and order 2 sandwiches and a large spaghetti and expect to have it ready in 3 mins like McDonalds. Should I put up a sign that says window is for pick ups only. P.S. We have been taking orders at the window for 25 years it was really never a big problem but customers dont like to wait anymore. Thanks for any input Tony

I would say pick-ups only. From a consumer point of view it cheapens my value of your food. Drive-up yells fast food that screams CHEAP and FAST! They start wanting their pizzas in 3-5 minutes and next they will want value meals and discounts and where are the kids toys? I think having one for pickup would be great…but also a hassle on the flipside. Steve made a comment about the “big picture” in marketing your store. It is not just your advertising, it is the image that you and your employees and your physical location put forward. Every little piece paints that big picture for the customers and if one piece slips or gives a bad image…the whole perception is now off. :shock:

We take orders at our drive-thru. Being that we also serve slices and ice cream we do have 3-4 minute items that can come from the drive-thru. But we do occasionally get orders for a pizza, etc. We let them know how long until it will be ready, and request that if another customer comes behind them they pull around so not to hold up the line. They can also pull around to the front of the building and we will bring it out to them when ready.


If you take an order at the window, doing a ‘curbside delivery’ would seem a practical solution if you have the parking spaces for it. You could even put cushioned magnet number flag on the roof/door or a suction cup thing on the window for identification. Or just note on the ticket what the car is.