Driver Insurance

How much does it cost for driver insurance and is it really needed if the driver’s have their own and use their own cars?


Yes, you must have a liability insurance policy to cover drivers. Even if they own their own cars. Of course, all markets are different with pricing so my suggestion to you would be to contact 3 insurance agents in your area. Let all 3 know you’re trying to get a quote and you can get you an exact price on what it would cost to insure drivers in your area.

If you’re looking for a ballpark: some insurance companies structure things a little differently, but you shouldn’t pay more than $800 a month to be WELL covered (drivers, $2m umbrella, flood, fire, etc.). The average cost per month, however, should be in the $400-$600 range. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

There is a common law doctrine called respondeat superior (latin for “let the master answer”) which states that the employer is liable for their employee’s torts when those torts occur during the course and scope of employment. It does not matter if the tort (damage or injury) is willful or accidental, if it happens while the employee is on the job the employer has some degree of liability. Also, most personal auto insurance policies do not cover accidents that occurs while the vehicle is being used for commercial purposes.

These guys are right on! Make sure you get you own insurance, and make sure they always have their insurance as well! Just think of what could happen if a driver hit a car with a young family in it and killed a kid or two!!! When this goes to a jury trial those people on the jury will see only that this family was destroyed, and here you are with deep pockets!!! You will pay one way or another! Make sure you are covered!