driver insurance

Do you guys have insurance on your drivers?
I need some referrals.

Oh that is a pain. But you need to do it.
You need to have insurance that covers YOU above and beyond a driver having insurance on their vehicle. And there are VERY few insurance companies that will write that policy.
Check in with Calsurance (, Pizzasure ( and maybe Marsh ( or HRH (yeah, The last two were much harder to navigate and get information from…

yeah, most insurance companies won’t cover a person if they know they deliver pizza.

We get our insurance through Progressive. You have a couple of options:

#1- hired non-owned policy for your employees to use their own car. You need a policy on each drivers’ car. Operators either give the delivery charge to the driver or share it.
#2- Buy your own car and get it insured. With this option, your shelling out more $ to start, but you keep the delivery fee to offset the costs. This way, you get have all drivers covered on one vehicle, and your premium is based on the driver with the worst driving record.

We chose option #2. Started out with one car and eventually bought another. We have more control this way, you can plaster your car with all the advertising you want, if one delivery car is all you need, you’re only paying insurance on one car, instead of covering multiple vehicles. The delivery charge should cover your costs. We ran the numbers on a non owned policy, and it was so much more expensive, that we will be saving enough $ to pay for that second vehicle that we bought.

Tom R

Tom… what is your premium out there in Oregon?

I had to get rid of the company car i had because the premium was $7000 a year… with progressive.


I have 3 cars and they run approx $135/ea per month to insure.

We also have hired/non-owned incl in our business policy. I also added an umbrella policy to sleep better.

We are in the process of having all our drivers drive our cars and keeping the delivery charge to finance the costs and much better exposure (fully wrapped)

rob who are you insured by

Lincoln National

I have non-owned liability - one policy covers all. There is no reason to have a separate policy for each drivers car.

For those of you who have your own vehicles…

Does anyone have a “fleet” of more than 1 or 2 cars? If I were to convert to using my own vehicles, I’d need at least 6 or 7. Has anyone run the complete numbers (lease/purchase, maintenance, fuel, insurance) to determine exactly how much it actually costs to own/run your own fleet vs. maying out comp to drivers? I’d be very interested in hearing your numbers.


To see if it was worth switching to our cars I took an avg daily # of trips x deliver charge $ x 30 days (or # days open per month)…depending on your monthly car pymt and monthly insurance amount you can determine if it is worthwhile (I did not calculate gas usage & maintenance though). Mine was a little short, but the increased exposure I have found is well worth the investment…oh yeah the other day the AWD in my cars really helped in the snow when all the other guys were closed/not delivering


Thanks for the reply. Might I ask which vehicle you selected and why?

Did you check around for “fleet” sales deals, etc?

I chose Honda Element over Scion Xb primarily b/c of AWD and much better overall car…we take the seats out and the entire back is huge…really helps when we go to Costco & Restaurant Depot…the only drawback is that the composite material on the bottom is not good for vinyl application but I think you can get them without it now for 07…I would include a pic b/c they came out awesome with flames on the side…email me and I will send som if you are interested.
I am sure you can work out a deal with any local dealer…i have evern heard of somebody advertising for the dealer as a kickback
very happy with the Element so far

I pay $2,900 per year for two vehicles, Kia Sportage, and Chevy Metro. When we put a non owned car on our policy, it was going to be $150 per month more than two owned vehicles. That’s why we bought the metro.

Tom R


Thanks again for the reply.

I’ve been looking around today and getting some prices, running some numbers. I moved past Element because of the price, as it’s about $4K more than xB even in 2wd model. 4wd is not needed where I am.

Scion is not offering any sort of incentives (I guess they dont have too ) - however the local dealer offers to extend the basic warranty to a lifetime powertrain/unlimited mileage - which is interesting.

Right now I’m trying to get some info on financing options. Did you buy/finance or lease?

How long are you expecting these vehicle to last? I’m thinking 4 years max. Longer? Shorter?

First one I bought, second one got last month at 0.9% so I financed since I can make more on my money elsewhere. I take care of them (ie oil changes, etc.) so I am hoping they will hold up way past 5 yrs…hopefully I can retire after that :smiley:

I have wanted to use my own vehicles for sometime. I was quoted about 5k insurance for 2 cars.
So for those that do how bad is the maintenance. I mean how much do your employees beat the vehicles??
Any tips on preventing this abuse?