Driver misery

I have this driver who thinks he‘s the boss,and he is irritating the entire store…

do you have any ideas how fix him?

cut his hours down.

hello,Godforbid you had cancer the first thing you would do is a.s.a.p. get rid of it.Well it sounds like a cancer my friend so get rid of him or her.


A “come to jesus” is in order. Lay down the law to tell who runs the place and what performance/behavior expectations you have. Give him the philosophy and workplace environment you intend to operate. Give him the choice to perform in the job as you laid it out or to leave with dignity knowing the job was a bad fit for you both. If he stays, give him a short timeline for another review of progress . . . if staisfactory, then game on . . . if not meeting expectations, then off he goes.

If you are clear and concise, then no quibbling when it gets to firing time.

Discipline is one task we seem to fear…nip it in the bud…when you speak to the driver, don’t speak in generalities, but give specific incidents where he was in error…

If the situation doesn’t change, terminate the employment…you have a biz 2 run…

Sometimes the only way to change (or keep in balance) your store’s “culture” is by changing the make-up of the store itself. If he/she has any reedeming qualities that serve you (the store & your customers) well–than see if the “come to jesus talk works” & Nick’s suggestions work. If not & you can afford to let them go–then do so. I stopped paying for headaches a while ago. I

I posted my opinion on driver’s & some find them rather harsh. I would like to add that I put up with some employees antics because they do such a great job when it’s very busy.

godforbid you had cancer - you’d probably cut the infected part off then find out there is a cure/treatment!!

you need to sit him down and explain the situation to him. Use progressive discipline, document every step you take. If he doesn’t stop get rid of him. He might be a good driver… but it’s not worth screwing up the whole crew morale. In this business, it’s either you or him. make your choice.

I have an extra driver… me. I’m a backup mostly but I replace anyone who might needs :smiley: short suspension for a reality check!

I have a driver that I “inherited” when I bought a failing business last summer. He is an excellent driver, preps when it’s slow and is, for the most part, a great guy, however, he has some major “issues” and some bad habits too. When he starts to pi… me off, i simply post a “Drivers Wanted” sign outside…he usually straightens up for a couple months!