Driver Safety - Dealing with a robbery

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I just wanted to share a small article from my local newspaper. I own the pizzeria that this is written about, however I’m not looking for any attention from this, therefore I have pasted the article and removed the business name and all addresses mentioned.

It just feels good that finally WE win and not THE BAD GUYS.

By the way, the driver has a permit and he says that every Officer that responded to his call told him, “You could have shot them, I would have shot them. I would have tried to shoot them all. I can’t believe you didn’t pull the trigger once, good job, but I would have shot them. You would have had the law on your side.”

Deliveryman pulls gun on robbers; holds one


Four youths tried to rob a pizza deliveryman at gunpoint Tuesday night, but the deliveryman pulled out his own gun and held one of the robbers until police arrived, police reported.
One boy, whose name was not released, was charged with attempted robbery, criminal possession of a weapon and criminal use of a firearm. His three young accomplices are still being sought.

The four juveniles ordered a pizza from Ts Pizza, **** K**n Ave., at about 8 p.m., Northeast District police said.

When the deliveryman brought the food to a house several blocks away on K********n, the boys confronted him at gunpoint, and demanded his food and everything in his pockets. The deliveryman pulled out a .38-caliber revolver and three of the juveniles ran away.

I often sift through sites and forums reading about hold ups and set ups. Far too often the criminals get away, without any leads. And sometimes, a driver or insider is shot, beaten and/or killed because the simple fact that they are easy targets for $100.00 or less. It is disgusting because it happens all over the nation.

In my opinion, I wish he would have shot them all. The criminals need to hear that there is risk involved with attempted robbery in our industry. Whether they are young and ignorant, they are still deadly. Successful robberies only lead to repetition and increased violence.

Consider the trade off. Loss of one hard working individuals life for four young criminals not afraid to kill for minimal gains. Who would you rather have on this planet?

It is very important to ENFORCE safety proceedures in any security issue area. ENFORCE meaning to reprimand anyone who strays from these proceedures to make an extra buck or just getting lazy.

Wow, your employees are packing heat! As a security professional and consultant (my day job) I would not recommend having your employees carry firearms. No political reasons, I am a big supporter. But for liability reasons they can have serious implications. I would doubt that an employee who defended himself and shot an armed assailant would be criminally prosecuted. However, rest assure that the family of the Joe Sh*t the Ragman would definately hire a slick lawyer and sue for wrongful death, pain and suffering, lost wages, emotional trauma etc. Those civil liabilities would most certainly have serious consequences to your operations and your personal assets, directly or indirectly, regardless of your companies legal structure.

[b] u need to get ready to go to ur 2nd job and not consult security, HOPE U ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PACK A GUN ON THE JOB?

“to kill or be killed that is the question”

I don’t deliver so at least this type of robbery is not an issue for me, but I agree about not letting your employees carry guns! You would have one heck of a legal battle on your hands. These type of people don’t go after right or wrong, they follow the money! Take this one step further and suppose that he had shot at the kids, and just say he missed or the bullet went right through and hit an innocent person on the other side. Now say this guy had two or three kids and he just got out of med school and was starting his practice for neurosurgery, and your driver accidentally kills him! talk about one huge lawsuit!