Driver scheduling

During Monday-Wednesday I only have one driver at night. The issue I have been having lately since I have increased our sales is that there are times that we get 6 deliveries at once around 8-9pm, we close at 10. The problem is that when the deliveries are on opposite sides of town I have to tell customers I cant deliver and I end up loosing customers. I thought about adding another driver but this situation only happens once a week but on a random day. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this issue. All of my kitchen works are females and I will not allow them to deliver at night. We have had drivers get robbed at night in recent months.

Take the delivery yourself?

Unfortunately I cant do that. I am an Active Duty Marine stationed in Hawaii. People already complain about a 45 min delivery time. I could online imagine if how long it would take for me to deliver a pizza from Hawaii.

Well you are at that point where to increase your sales you have to add another driver. For awhile your labor will be higher then you would like, BUT it will lead to increased sales.

If you could a driver who would be willing to be on call, that would help your labor quite a bit. I do not really see anyone agreeing to that anymore tho, heck it is hard enough just find reliable people to show up for their regular shifts these days…(ok i am done ranting about that).

I agree with d9phoenix, it only happens once a week because people have been told sorry we can’t bring it out to you. Next time that they might have called you, they likely call someone else or plan to pick something up an their way home as they don’t want to count on pizza from Padrones to feed the kids after football practice. If you’re going to deliver, staff for it. Give great service and you will build more and more customers. Maybe start hiring some kitchen staff that you would be willing to allow to deliver but if delivery is part of your business model, you need to build business to the point where it can sustain a minimum of 2 drivers at all times.

I agree with Paul. It is very helpful to be able to sustain 2 drivers during your rush hours. Why not schedule a driver instead of a kitchen person? Drivers are more valuable to me this way, assuming your drivers do everything in the shop - not just take deliveries.

Welcome to the world of pizza delivery. Follow durbancic’s advice. The more drivers the better