Driving Record

Our insurance is going to require that we pull the delivery drivers, driving record when we hire them. Does anyone in Texas know of a legitimate online service that can check faster than the 14 days the TDPS quotes online for the records to be mailed?

If not Texas, what service do you use if any?

We use Insurance Information Exchange in College Station, TX. Their website is iix.com. We’ve used them for over 10 years and get reports instantly online.

We require drivers to go to the DMV and get a copy of thier own record to submit with the application for employement. They can get it by walking into the office where you take the drivers tests and paying $3.00

We reimburse the $3 whether we hire them or not. Not Texas, but I wonder if it does not work the same way?

Drivers with a bad record could easily forge the document they hand you. You should get it yourself after you select them for hire.

The license holder can get it by walking in and asking for it. The drivers license office is about four blocks away. Since we have a bunch of these things on file, I think it is pretty unlikely that someone applying for a job is going to leave our store and return in 20 minutes with a fake one that matches up with the real ones in every respect. In any case, we send it on to the insurance company by fax.

In all these years the issue has not come up, but thanks for your views.

We actually had a driver that when hired provided an altered driving record. He photocopied and cut and pasted and 3 speeding tickets suddenly became one. He had done an extremely good job at it. Six months later when I pulled routine records I terminated him. I should have given the DMV the copy he provided me, I’m sure it must be illegal to falsify a government document. I also now require original copies of driving record. In our state the original is stamped and signed by the DMV worker.

Rick G