Drug testing... legal to fire?

Hey all,
CVS now has these drug tests:


Can we use these as a legal Drug test instead of dropping $150 each time we send them to get screened?

Probably going to be a state-by-state issue. I can fire anyone I want, for any reason I want, in Kansas…it’s just a matter of whether I can avoid having an unemployment claim successfully filed against my account.

It’s in our employee handbook that if someone gets hurt, they automatically get tested when they go to the hospital. If they fail, we don’t have to worry about insurance or anything. My lawyer wrote the whole thing up for us.


no doubt about it . . .ask a labor attorney in your state. Or the state restaurant association.

I like that a LOT… i’ll be putting that in the policies Thanks!

I will get in contact with the IL restaurant assc… i’ll let you all know.
Thanks again!