Dry, spongy, and a gum line!

I’m having an issue with my pizzas and I was hoping someone could help me figure out what’s going on.

My pies are ending up, simultaneously, spongy, dry, with a gum line. Ironically, they look beautifully baked, but my personal pie was extremely underwhelming.

I’m around 58% hydration baking for 3
Minutes on a 680f floor and 800f dome (about.) I’m getting a deep caramel crust color - my dough was made and balled 2 days ago.

Can anyone give me any idea what the issue might be? I used the same dough at a bake closer to 2 Minutes with a slightly hotter floor (730 ish) and the pie was phenomenally crisp. I have no idea why the longer bake is giving me a simultaneously, mediocrely crisp, dry, spongy pizza with a gumline.

Could it be under risen? Though it’s been cold proofing for two days I went straight from mixer to balls to fridge.

If you haven’t done so check this out…good article by Tom Lehmann:


Conveyor or deck?

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There are just so many different factors involved in the development of a gum line and unless you address the correct one the problem will not be alleviated. To get a better grasp on just what is happening I will need to know more about your dough formula, dough management procedure (including dough scaling weight) and baking conditions (time, temperature, type of oven hearth, and baking platform (pan, disk, screen) if used. Additionally, the amount of sauce used and if you pre-sauce the skins. I wrote a very comprehensive article on gum lines some time back that might prove of interest to you.
Keep in mind too that there is such a thing as a false gum line too, so to make sure we are dealing with the “real” thing and not something else I will need to know how you are identifying the presence of a gum line. This is also addressed in the article.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor