Drying Fresh Cut vegies and canned produce.

How does everyone dry out their fresh cut vegies and caned produce?

For us, we cut and strain ours in strainers (colanders) sitting over a bowl. Liquids drain through into the bowl. The strainer is far above where any juices may rise to.

We cut then dice our capsicum (green peppers) and then thoroughly rinse them 3 times to remove any oils and excess liquids and then let them drain for 20 minutes. They are then placed in a strainer bowl over a solid bowl with a plastic cover (disposable shower caps) and then put in the coolroom. Onions are done similar but rinsed only once. We find this stops alot of the moisture but without losing any taste.

Fresh mushrooms area problem with retained moisture. I have spoken with the grower from the mushroom farm where we buy ours fresh and they are unable to give an answer as it varies from the moisture content in the growing room. Some hold a lot of moisture while others don’t.

Tomatoes are a huge problem and probably cause the most liquid build up o the pizzas of all ingredients.

Canned pineapple and other vegies such as roasted red peppers, asparagus cuts and tips, eggplant inoil etc are very hard to thoroughly drain. We keep pineapple the same as onions and capsicum but they still maintain a lot of juices.

All “juice” ingredients on the make bench are in tubs with strainers in the bottom so they are not sitting in liquids.

Any ideas on how to dry out these would be appreciated. I don’t want to go down the pre / par cook road but want to reduced the moisture content on the finished pizza. We bake on a MM conveyor at 7 minutes @ 260 celsius, so fast / low heat cooking is not the problem.