DuraClean Ceiling Tiles?

I have to replace ceiling tiles in one of my stores. We have the regular acoustic tiles in the kitchen. Have for almost 20 years. Finally got hit on them. I was looking at the Dura Clean PVC tiles instead of the pvc coated gypsum ones. They are thinner and lighter and appear easier to clean. I’m a little concerned about sound deadening and insulation along with life. Does anyobody use the straight pvc panels and have any opinions?

Well, I went ahead and bit the bullet and tried them even though they were a little expensive. They are pretty thin, but quality is good. Had a couple managers put them in and they were impressed. A lot different than the sheetrock stuff. I will update once we see how they handle the heat, etc.

How did these work out long term?

They are ok. I personally think they are too thin. They bow a little in the middle. And they don’t insulate real well. They are fairly.easy to clean but you pretty much have to remove them to clean them. I’d stick with the sheetrock ones unless you have no grease or oil.