Durian available?

Has anyone seen any food distributors making durian available to put on pizza? It’s the latest craze in China, even Pizza Hut is doing it now.

I tried some when PMQ visited Shanghai for the Chinese Pizza Championships and I wrote about it on Pizza Without Borders here. I thought it was delicious, something like pineapple and horseradish put together.

Super h mart in Chicago

I tried to search the US Foods website for it and got this message: We did not find any matches for “durian”, but we did find the following matches for “drain”

Lol! Ok, so clearly not. Yeah it’s looking like only certain grocery stores which cater to ethnic groups have it. I wonder if it will become popular in America. As far as I know right now it is only grown in Thailand and Malaysia and China is importing the heck out of it.

Smells like a blocked drain Paul :slight_smile:

in my area, Romano cheese is too exotic for most. I do not see Durian being a popular item here

Hahahaha maybe in China Town. San Francisco or New York.