e-cold or similar sold in USA?

i am looking at an e-cold pizza prep table, you can see it here
These are in use in Italy and I would like one for my place.
Does anyone know if there is a similar model or carrier here in the USA. I am trying to spec out my electrical and gas requirements


Looks a lot like a Desmon…also an Italian company and it is available in the US. Pricey but top notch. Their website is not much help as they are mainly a supplier of refer equipment for lab use…but if you seach you can find more info.

Hi Cliff:

What specific features are you interested in.

Some manufactures will custom build.

George Mills

I like the fact that it has the dough storage drawers built into it and the prep bins are raised and chilled independently of the cooler underneath. It also has a wider marble or stone top that the typical ones i have seen.

Hi Cliff:
We can have a unit built very close to the E-cold. We can only build In three drawers for dough balls.

We can have the condiment rail cooled separately from the lower portion, including an on off switch for that section and we can make the granite or whatever work surface you desire any size you wish.

George Mills