E Mail Clubs

Are any of you doing “E Mail Clubs”?

If so, what types of emails do you send, how often, do you offer discounts to them, etc??

How do you collect the names?

I have one now, but am not real organized with it as of yet… trying to get some insight.

Thank you!

This will be a little lengthy, but you asked for it!

I send out a e-mail newsletter every few months. More if I’m running specials. I collect names a few ways. Any event I go to I use my FREE pizza box. People put their business cards in and at the end of the event, I pick one out. If they have an e-mail address I add it to my list and send them a thank you for entering letter and let them know if they won or not. If they don’t I call them to let them know the only way I can notify them if they’ve won is by e-mail. Get their address and do the following. With that letter, I attach a copy of the most recent e-mail newsletter, menu, information about us and testimonials. I also ask them if they would like to remain on the list. If not, I delete them but still keep their name and other info in a seperate file. I do bulk mailings by the event I got their card from.

I also have a “Buy 10 get one FREE” card they guests can sign up for at the shop. At that time, I have them fill out a form which includes an e-mail address. I then send them the same info as I mentioned.

The e-mails consist of specials that I might be running, upcoming events, holiday hours, discounts, World Series promotions, new items, press releases, new testimonials, weird thoughts and sayings. I write it like I’m talking to them and not make it to serious. I make sure at the end of each newsletter, I give them the option to back out of the mailings - just a courtesy.

I have people say that’s the first thing they read when they get it! It’s a great feeling that someone is actually reading what I spend so much time on! Our guests even forward it on to their friends and they ask to be put on the list! Good luck!

If you’re interested in considering a Customer Loyalty Email Marketing Program … please consider PizzaEclub.com

In regard to collecting names, we provide for you all the tools- sign up cards for in store sign ups as well as 24/7 sign up form online… plus we build the email, we broadcast the email, and we provide tracking.

If you’re interested in taking a look at our services, because you’re resonding from PMQ forum… I’m willing to have your Email Template Built for you, so you can see exactly what would be going out to your customers… free as an evaluation tool, and under no obligation to move forward with the monthly service. If you like what you see…great, we’ll get your e-club sign up cards printed and sent out to you so you can start building your list. If you’re not satisfied… well then I just didn’t earn your business so it’s my loss, that’s fair enough right?

Let me know if that’s of interest to you… email me (or call ) and let me or my staff know that you’re responding from the PMQ Forum and the offer is good to any other store owners who read this post and are interested.

Have a great week… you guys are great !