E-mail marketing

Has e-mail marketing been an effective form of marketing for those of you who have done it. I’m considering it, but have yet to hear any ringing endorsements for it or the companys who provide it.

Did you track it? If so, how many people used it compared to how many were sent out?

Our e-mail program works pretty good. However, it is only to our “curent customer” base. IE they actually sign up for the program. This allows us to send them a simple hello, thanks for your business (which keeps OUR name in their face) or a “special” E-coupon. There are several good companies, just make sure that whoever you use they only charge a flat fee. As you and your staff offer this, having your customers signup for the program, you will see your email base grow quickly. Also, inquire how many emails you’ll be getting per month (we hit them 2x every month). Also, ask who is going to create the ad’s and coupon layout. Hope this helps!