E-mail Marketing

Is anyone doing e-mail marketing? We are trying to come up with some ideas, and need a little help. We are trying to come up with a name too. Spam Club, E-Club,…Any thoughts, or suggestions welcomed.

Spam Club = filtered by a lot of “free” email accounts.

We call ours “Members Only Club”

It actually was an evolution since we opened. When we opened, we did not sell Breadstix as we did not want to compete against our Pizza sales.

So, we sold Breadstix and “Special Sauce” to our customers that asked for it. We called it “Members Only”

After we put the Stix on the menu, people still call the sauce “Members Only” sauce and use it for dipping, etc…

Hence, our email club is Members Only - you can see the link to sign up on our website.

We collect email addresses by doing give-aways. So far this year we’ve given away 2 iPods and 3 mountain bikes. The winner is announced in our monthly emailed newsletter. This ensures that they will open the email to see if they won. People have asked that we call or they’ll leave us their home address, but we stress that the only way to find out if you won is to check the newsletter.

In the ‘newsletter’ we have stories about goings on at the store. Like this month(August) we had a Girl Scout troop come in for a tour. So we took pictures and will make up a story of how they made their own pizzas, yadadyda.

The key is that within this newsletter lies four offers, two being our specials and two being coupons that can be printed,cut out and brought in.

The second email marketing we do is to our businesses. We send out about 200 emails a week to local businesses. We use the Chamber of Commerce book, phone book, websites or business visits to gather email addresses. Once again, we give lunch away to a business every week so it behoves them to open the email to see if their office won.

Very good idea anouncing by email I think that is what i will do.

Our sometimes regularly posted e-newsletter is more than just a marketing tool, it is a community information source. We don’t have a local newspaper, so we seek out and send info on local events and happenings in the newsletter.

We do like td_VP and gather email addresses whenever we can and wherever we go (grocery stores, paying utility bills, having dinner out, in the shop, WHEREVER). We put a couple of simple offers in the newsletter to reward the regular readers.

Has anyone used/tried the Loyal Rewards e-mail marketing program offered by Moving Targets? I’m a big fan of having someone else do the database work, so I’m thinking about giving it the old college try.

If you want to use it you must first send $.02 to my account in Switzerland. Once the $.02 is wired you will be able to legally use the idea. :lol:

Is that US or Canadian? And is you number the one after J_r0kk’s?

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