Quite a while ago we had a discussion on E-mail marketing. Scott Hack recommended Constant Contact. Just wanted to let everyone know that I signed up with them and it seems like a pretty awesome set-up.

I’m building my list now. They give you html code to put a signup box on your website, or you can upload an existing list.

I’m having a baby in 2 weeks, and I’m running a contest now for customers to guess the baby’s length and weight. The entry form has a spot for their email address, and street address/phone.

The emails are easy to set up, they have dozens of templates to choose from, very professional looking.

Cost is only $15/month, you can send as many emails as you want. If I remember correctly, the $15 covers up to 5K list members. Their free trial lasts up to 60 days or 100 people on your list. Basically, as long as your list is under 100 ppl, it’s free.

I’m very pleased with the company so far, those of you looking for next to free marketing might want to check them out! www.constantcontact.com