Earth friendly wave...

Lets face it, recycling is good and organics are becoming more popular. Who is currently moving towards “earth friendly” menu items including the menu?
Is it a fad or here to stay and if you don’t get on the bandwagon, you will be out?

We recently changed over to eco friendly boxes which are made from recycled acrdboard and are unbleached (brown). To top it off we can save about $1,500+ per year on the white bleached boxes.

On Saturady one of our drivers didn’t show so I did his deliveries. To my amazement and concern I was blown away by how these boxes became really soggy very quickly. They abosorbed all the steam. We had a couple of complaints form deliveries of soggy pizzas but when I questioned them in detail it was the boxes that wre soggy and not the pizzas.

We are moving back to our white bleached boxes immediately and are dumping the eco friendly ones. We have had no trouble with them.

Unfortunately I need good quality everything for my business to survive and these eco ones don’t do it. The savings I make will be lost in sales in a matter of weeks.

I’m all for recycling, eco friendly, carbon neutral etc but I can’t support it when the it is inferior quality. Most customers wouldn’t give a rats about eco friendly if it affected their purchase quality.

Until they get the eco quality up I will have to go back to the ones we know work well for us.