East Coast Equiptment

Hi All,
Due to my new heart condition we are sad to be closing. We know it’s tough out there, and we have several pieces that someone may be able to use. I’m not gonna list them all here because I think that’s another thread. Anyway just email HannahBananasOnline@Gmail.com with items your looking for and we will see if we can help you out. We do have a Revention POS that needs a good home :slight_smile:

                                                                           Love you guys, sincerely Willi

Dang Willi, I must have missed your news! The only heart condition I knew you “suffered” from was a BIG heart! Sorry to hear you’ll be moving on from the business, wish you nothing but great health, and good fortunes in whatever lies ahead of you!

Best wishes Willi and good luck to you in the future…