Easter Anyone?

Hey Everyone,
OK, I’ll start this one. This is my first year open and we’ve done so-so on Holidays other than being closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving. Is Easter poppin’, or is it a pizza bust? I’m clueless on the whole fish thing as well (no offense, I really don’t know lol) so should I run specials on all my seafood for Sunday? Thanks as always, I turned my store around so I’ll have more time to post again. I’m running a ton of cool marketing stuff that some may see as usefull. I’ll troll around a bit and post some help when I get a chance. Good luck today and always guys, I have adopted my new theme, MAKE YOUR OWN ECONOMY!!!

Last year was my first Easter. I chose to be closed. Missed a total of 6 calls. I’ll be closed again this year.

I opened for Easter the last two years. The first year I had an assistant manager that wanted to do it for the hours. Last year, my wife and I finished up all of our family stuff early and just decided on a whim to go down and open and see what happened.

The first year we did $180 and the second we did $230. A normal Sunday for us is about $1,000.

I’d think it’d be a pretty slow day unless you’re in a heavily non-Christian neighborhood. The fish thing too, speaking from my Catholic side of the fence, Easter Sunday is a HUGE NON-fish day for most b/c we’ve “given up” meats all Lent. I’m not sure marketing the fish on specials is a move there. Good to see you up on the board again, LOVE your website!

Thanks man good to be back. OK, now I understand about the fish thing thanks :? I may just try it by running some bouncer the rest of the week. My Sunday breakfasts are usually very heavy so it might pay to be open for that because food cost is way low. Thanks ya’ll :lol:

Our center is pretty busy on that day so we tried it last year with a limited staff and no deliveries. We did about 72% of a normal day. We will be open this year but with no deliveries until 4 pm.

We will be open Easter just as we are the other 364 days/year. Expect to do between 85 and 110 percent of a normal Sunday.

Alway closed on Easter! If we had enough people and a manger who could work, I suppose we would give it a shot. Personally, it’s a holiday for me and my family.

we are closed

Was open the first year and the only orders that I had were staff meals so I have been closed every since.

Easter is not a big pizza day. when I ran my shop we always closed.


My shop has been here for 3 years. I have been closed on all of the easter holidays. I have put caller id on for each of the easters and over 3 years have missed a total of 13 calls. We are in a small town and it just is to much of big family dinners after church. In comparison on a average sunday we do over $700.