Easter Weekend Sales: Up, Down Or Push?

Sales are down a fair amount yesterday and today. Is this pretty normal for eveyone because of the holiday, or are we just having an off weekend?

Yeah, today and yesterday is absolutely horrible.

Ditto. This is usually my worst weekend of the year. Heck, I’m sitting here posting on PMQ during my primetime Saturday rush time.

I’ve been open since January 1st, and it’s been rough going. Saturday before Easter is dreadful, thankfully I will be closed Easter Sunday and start fresh on Monday.

Thursday was double, Friday was 50% and tonight is 75%.

through the roof here…we put 1000’s of free 7inch pizza’s (with the purchase of a large pizza) with candy in easter eggs . The town has a huge easter egg hunt today…I am so exhausted and my feet are killing me…im happy for the huge increase but phew glad its over

Worst Easter on record to date.

Thurs, Good Friday and Saturday down about $900 on last year = (-) 15%

And this is after the Govt gave all taxpayers a $900 Stimulas package to get spending going :cry:


mon - thurs up
fri push
sat down
overall better than average week

we did similiar to what rockstar did. 400 Free pizzas in big easter egg hunt eggs. We got killed for lunch. Triple sales for lunch. Dinner was slower than normal. Not to mention we got 15 new addresses for our database.


Dang it, someday I’m going to be as smart as you guys. That’s a pretty good idea.

A little down on last Easter but don’t forget it was much earlier last year and (for us) weather is much nicer this year.

Sales have been down all weekend. However we were open yesterday but closed at 4 (being that we had only a few orders in) I was in the store till about 9pm doing some painting and starting around 6:30 to 8 the phones kept ringing. (a bit upset that I wasn’t open) so maybe next year I’ll plan to open later and be open for dinner)

After a low weekend we finished Easter on a high with Monday (Easter Monday public holiday) going full on. Kept staff down to 1 driver, 1 counter staff and 1 makeline/counter staff and myself. Phones started going beserk from 3.30 (open at 5pm) and once open we went flat out until 7.45pm when it then slowed. Closed at 9.30pm with the best sales night for the whole Easter period. Crawled home and into bed absolutely rung out.


For the last 2 years Easter Sunday has really been alot slower than most regular Sundays. The busiest we we’re was between 12:30 and 2 the reast of the day was dead,so I think next year we will be closed.

For the same weekend in April we were up about 150% since the ski resort was open through this weekend and it was closed last year a week earlier… for us, it all comes down to the tourists. Our local business is steady through the year but the tourist thing is a roller coaster.

Friday 90 % of normal Friday
Saturday 80% of normal Saturday
Sunday 95% of normal Sunday, very busy Sunday after 6:00 p.m.