Easy Appetizers/side orders

Appetizers/side orders are my third biggest sellers behind pizza and subs.

I make great profits off all of them. 16pc mozzarella sticks brings in $10 in profit, best of all its brainless and only takes about 3 minutes to make!
What other apps are you guys doing? I want to expand this area with some cool exotic apps that are frozen easy to do that add some uniqueness to our menu.

My rep is bringing me some spinach and artichoke RANGOONS, and some apple croissant things.
We already do the usuall tenders/wings/poppers/onion rings

my biggest secret in apps are my toasted ravioli! we serve a jumbo ravioli dinner and make the toasted rav app…just egg and breadcrumbs and deep fry them. We make a 4 or 8 piece and serve with a side of red sauce…and at 12% food cost I love them!

Thanks!!! Exactly what I’m going for.

Pork Wings: http://www.smithfieldfoodservice.com/products/processed-meats/pork-wings/