Economics of the Slice Model

I largely have experience with personal size pizzas made to order, but am very interested in the economics of the slice model. Unfortunately, I have no idea where to begin. While 500 pizzas on a busy night sounds right for personal size pizzas, I have no idea what to expect with whole pies and slices.

Can anyone provide some insight? I’d really like to get some ballpark numbers on how many pies vs slices I could expect to sell for lunch and dinner periods, and the difference between slow periods and busy periods. I also assume the food/beverage split is much different in that model?

No one has any idea where I can find some info on how many slices per hour vs whole pies for hour one could expect to sell?

There is no possible way to answer this as asked. What kind of location is it? Put this on a dirt road in the country and you can expect to sell zero slices. Put it on fisherman’s wharf in San Francisco and you might sell 500 per hour. Then, there is capacity? How big is the place? How much can your ovens turn out? Do you have the room for 4-5 cashier stations to do hundreds per hour or are you running one lincoln impinger with a single cash register?

Let’s say high-foot-traffic area in NYC. Not Times Square but maybe the neighborhood equivalent of where Joe’s is in Greenwich village.

Triple-stack electric ovens. 2 cashiers.

I’m looking to get a handle on the prototypical slice model - Like most Joe’s. I just don’t have any reference point for what to expect with a slice joint in high foot traffic areas.

Hopefully someone with experience in your region will chime in. Best of luck with your project.

If it’s something you really want to do just make your best guess and jump in. Be conservative on what you prep and if you run out, make more next time. It’s not a bad problem to have.

If I werein your shoes, I would:

Hang outside a shop and see how many people go in and out at various times of the day.

Visit shop during various times to see how many people are there, how much they order, what they order, how many pizzas you see displayed and extrapolate some educate guesses.