EDDM Eligible Pieces?

I’m having a hard time understanding what pieces are eligible for EDDM and what’s not. I even get different answers from different levels at the Post Office.

I’m fine with understanding the dimension requirements (finally), what I don’t understand is what types of paper can be used. I think if I order a 8.5 x 11 “postcard” on 14pt gloss coat cover paper, it would qualify. Anyone know if that’s right?

I am using 8 1/2 X 11 white card stock that is 110 weight. Bought at Walmart. What I have found in my small town is that the post office has not had many people use the EDDM. So I printed out a sample and took it in for them to look at prior to printing a large quantity.

I used to think that the rules for unaddressed admail in Canada were hard to figure out…But the USPS sure has made EDDM even more complicated…Good luck…

Great question!

The EDDM™ program requires you to mail commercial flats. A commercial flat must be more than 6.125" tall OR longer than 11.5" wide. The largest size the mail piece can be is 12"x15" to qualify. The mailers must also be equal to or greater than 0.007 thick.

Here is a link to additional information/EDDM™ products on our website. This may help to visualize the sizes that qualify, etc. Also, feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions 1-800-481-1656 x22.

Popular Sizes:
6.25" x 9" Postcard
11" x 17" (Half-Fold) Menu
8.5" x 11" Flyer/Postcards
6" x 12" Postcard

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or a very easy answer is yep card stock qualifies!