EDDM question


I’ve been open for 4 weeks now. I haven’t done any advertising except Facebook. The numbers are decent with an average of $6100 per week. The numbers have been steady at 85 tickets per day average. I was hoping for them to start to trend up, but they haven’t.

My questions is should I start with an eddm campaign?? I’ve read a few posts where shops are hitting certain parts of town every week, then when the town is complete, start over again??

Any other advertising ideas??


I know a lot of people try to do their immediate area once every 4-6 weeks. They will break it down into zones and cycle through.

Consider partnering up with schools, hotels, churches etc offering reward and incentive programs to drive traffic. Fundraisers for the schools and churches work well.

Congrats on $6k/wk after only a month. Thats excellent.
I’m assuming after 4 weeks though, most of your customer base has not tried you, or even know you exist. Why don’t you focus on getting your product in potential customers hands, and let your pizza speak for itself. Drop off some pies at local businesses, churches, schools, etc… with menus, magnets, and bounce back coupons. Try to get on the radio by dropping off some pies. Maybe drop some off at the local ball field.

just my 2 cents.

Many years ago Kamron Karrington gave a great example of what the importance was in a grand opening marketing campaign.

In a nutshell he gave the comparison to the apollo spaceship taking off vs the amount of money spent on a grand opening. It takes a lot of fuel (read as money)to get it off the ground. However once it gets past the atmosphere (read 3 months into being open) it takes very little to maintain the direction (sales increase) with less fuel (money).

If you have budgeted $5k. for a grand opening, it should be spent in the first 6 to 8 weeks. You will be doing things you may never do again, like billboards, radio and larger blanket mailings. The important thing to strive for is letting as many folks as possible to know who and where you are as soon as you are comfortable with the stores ability.
When you drag out the spending over 6 to 12 months, the campaign becomes diluted and the “umph” is not there.

Most everyone will recommend a soft opening. Simply stated, train the staff for a month or so, until you are comfortable with their performance, then start your grand opening.