Looking for a cheap Printer to do some EDDM mailer printings.Any suggestions? A local printer quoted me $1325 for 10000 6.25X11 postcards.Have just got off a Mail Shark program where I mailed 500 mailers per week. Didn’t even break even on my invetsment.I’d like to be able to mail 2500 per week. The 14.2 cent per peice to mail is great but the printing price is a little scary for me. I’m only averaging about $4500 per week in a town of 100,000.

4x9 rack cards, 4/4, $450 + shipping…good stuff

would 6.5 by 9.5 work, whats your zip? and is it printed front or both sides?

Wanted printing on both sides. Zip is 93277. Patriot who do I contact for what you posted?


I’ve used them many times…great prices & fast turn around…outta south Fla…

I do it all on-line…have never talked to them personally…never needed to…

Price quote was off their website…pick & choose the size/format you need…

I guess they would forward samples, but I gambled the 1st time & have never looked back…

I do,all my own graphics, so I never needed a proof either…

Good luck!

How many cards? http://www.gotprint.com has 10,000 4x9 rack cards for $312.84 + shipping.

Do these rack cards meet the measurement requirements for EDDM mailings?

I dont think they meet the requirements. I think the minimum is 6.25 on the shortest side

I would check with your local post office. I have found that the post office is even confused about what dimensions qualify for EDDM.


I also don’t think they meet the requirements.

Doing only 4500 per week why not get the stuff printed, shipped to your door and then bundle them yourselves and drop them off at the post office. We have been doing this for 8+ years and our sales were about where yours were when we started. We use taradel to print our 11x17 trifold w/ coupon menu. We do this all year. We used to mail 1, maybe 2 routes per week. We are now mailing 2-3 routes per week.