Edge Ovens - Best Size

We finally decided to go with Edge for our new ovens. The place we are putting them in was an old Papa John’s that used a MM 360 WB, which I am told is 38 inch wide belt, and 60in baking chamber. They are recommending I only go with an Edge 3260 (32 in wide belt) as opposed to the 3860, since our biggest pie is a 16".

My question is, if anyone knows, with the majority of our pizzas beings 14", and biggest being 16", is there a real benefit to going with the 3860 over the 3260? I feel like there may be something I am missing, since PJs Dominos etc all have 38in wide belts, as far as I know, and only have 16" pizzas too.

Any advice is appreciated!

Production capacity is what it’s all about for the big box chains. Look at the difference in production capacity between the 3260 and the 3860 and ask yourself “Do I need the additional capacity afforded by the 3860?”
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Get the 38s. Sure you can triple stack 32s but that won’t be much more production over 2 38s. Leaves you the ability to triple stack the 38s should you need them. This is what I’m planning to do before fall

The other guys have a Medium 12” and most of their deals involve mediums. With the 38’s the can fit 3 mediums wide. That’s the only reason I seen them having the 38’s. I have 2 3260’s. The only issue i have is if our 16” pies are over stretched a little they won’t fit exactly side by side. It’s very tight.