Edge Ovens Out of Production

I have been told by my designer who works closely with Boelter that Edge has stopped production of its ovens. Anyone have any more information. He said it was parts from China that they cannot get. Anyone have any more info?

I would call Edge directly, I ordered a stack of ovens 2 weeks ago and they are ready to ship. Now if only I could find a reasonably priced 80kg spiral mixer that could be delivered quickly. LBC is telling me 10-12 weeks.

I think when I ordered mine (mixer) 3 years ago it was about 5-6 weeks. Not bad considering all the shortages

I imagine they are just short on materials to build them. Most likely just a production delay. It’s industry wide. I’ve started stockpiling equipment for when something goes down. I just had to wait over a month for a middleby conveyor motor. nobody had any. I ordered 2 so I have a spare.