Edge ovens vs XLT I am trying to pick one

I’ve narrowed my choices down to these two ovens. I am slightly leaning towards Edge ovens but I was hoping to get a little more feedback from the experts. Looking at stacked 40’s. Any advice appreciated.

I replaced my XLT ovens with Edge ovens a few years back. My biggest problem with the XLT’s I had was that they put a ridiculous amount of heat out of the ends of the oven. My A/C couldn’t keep up with just one oven on and my store was unbearable when two were on. I don’t know if this was an issue only on the 3270’s which had two separate burners or if it is also a problem on the 40’s and 55’s which just use one.

What I gained by switching to Edge is a much cooler store, quieter store and significant gas savings. Add on the great customer service and my recommendation is to really give Edge an extra look.

Regardless of which you choose, is there a reason for not going to a 55 or a 60? Are 40’s all you can fit under your hood? The added capacity allows us to handle much busier nights and do large orders for the local schools or hospitals with ease.

The choice I made was the Edge60 for much the same reasons as Paul99. My kitchen is much quiter and cooler than it was before.

The space I am looking at has a fairly small kitchen. I am doing dine in and take out only and i have about 15 tables. Am I screwing myself with the dual 40’s? Will these not make enough pizza quickly? I don’t wanna screw myself.

With the Edge 40 you only have 2/3 the capacity of the 60. Is the 18 inch difference in size going to be a deal breaker for the Edge 60?

Another happy Edge 60 user here. Great ovens sold and installed by good people. And at a great price!

I sell the edge oven and am very happy with them.
For your information the edge 40 double can bake 112 -14 in pizzas per hour using a 6 minute bake or
100 - 16 in per hour at 6 minute bake time,

George Mills

We put Edge ovens in two of our stores a few years back. Much quieter, much cooler, easy to breakdown for cleaning, and few problems (the ones we did have were quickly resolved with a phone call to Edge). We’re getting ready to switch out a double stack of Middleby Marshalls we inherited at our new location for a triple stack of Edge 60s. Their split belt setup is reliable and easy to service. Highly recommend!

Our latest, impromptu project, found us with a dbl stack of MM360’s that were supposedly refurbished…right…

After some panic ebay & craugslist searching, we found a very reasonable Edge 40 never used, supposedly…

i called the factoty and quickly spoke to Michael French to see what he knew about the iven…he said the fellow won it @ a pizza show a few yrs ago…

So we got it and after several calls, all quickly answered over a 2 day period, we got the oven fired up & baking a great pie!

The customer support & service were beyond excellent, especially considering we never even bought the oven from them! We even called their distributor after hours in MO a
nd they, two, stepped up to the plate & help!

Assembling the oven is a snap! All the parts are easily handled and the finish is perfect…

And, we then bought the Vegas show oven to stack on the other jyst installed.

I also have a small pizzeria just ready to be grown, and for your surprise (maybe) we use a Vulcan convection Oven!!, which as i can see, looks like we are the only persons doing pizzas in that kind of ovens, lol, .
Pizzas comes out great, crispy, brown, and soft in the heart, people like us for the firm slices, color and crunchy flavor, so I was thinkin to buy a kind of Blodget deck oven or another convection?, cause a conveyor is so expensive for us right now (We also need bigger mixer, prees, etc, etc), please some help will be appreciate, my fear about deck oven is that it may give bland pizzas :frowning:

I have 2 xlts double stack 3240. The second one I bought used. It was 2 years old. I assumed it was under their 5 year warranty as I could not find anything about a warranty transfer process on their website. I was wrong. There is a process to transfer warranty. That’s my fault I should have looked into more. However this oven has been nothing but problems. Almost 2 years in sometimes it won’t heat up. Many calls to xlt and checks by their licensed service rep in my area and still no resolve. One of them is down as I type waiting for the service tech. I used to be their biggest fan. I’m losing confidence if I will go with them on my next store

We went for 2 Edge 60s, not installed yet but can’t wait. Our XLT 2440 has had and is having problems with the flame sensor. Triple flash on the fenwall unit. But it is a workhorse none the less. So is my first oven a PESI. lol… time to forgive and forget.

My oven guy has not heard of Edge out here in Colorado but says if I got XLT’s he’d never see me again since they are just built better. So if most of you are preaching about Edge I think I had better re-check what I can do with them. I need a triple stack 60’s more than likely.

I noticed that the new XLT D series ovens changed to a UV optical flame sensor. Perhaps the original flame sensor that you have is an ongoing issue? What are you going to do with the 2440?

We have several XLT ovens that I bought new in 2007 and I have yet to call a service guy out on them. I do have 1 that doesn’t like to fire up early in the morning when its cold. But after a few minutes of lovin and telling her how pretty she is, she’ll fires up. The service guys can’t trouble shoot that problem on any of the ovens. We have a Middleby that would do that and it took nearly 6 months and several service calls to get it fixed. Every time they came out it would start so they couldn’t pinpoint the problem. I decided to replace every possible component at a cost of around $5000. Then the lord came to my rescue. One morning the oven didn’t fire, called the tech on his cell, he was 20 minutes away, fixed for $400.

having seen Paul’s XLT’s yrs ago and having used several MM 360’s, I was quite impressed with the Edge 40 we snagged…easy to clean, quite and kicks out some pies!

My problem on the XLT ended up being a flame sensor as well. You can upgrade to the optical. Did on mine and it fixed the problem. This was about after a year of service calls , calls to XLT and many fits of rage when it wouldn’t start that this was suggested.

pizza99 we are half way around the globe… still interested? Got a small PESI for you… cheap.

Regarding the flame sensor. I spoke with an XLT service rep the other night about the flame going out and getting the 3 flashes on the fenwall, he couldn’t help me without an exact serial number and I was at the house not the shop. I told him how in a moment I decided to pull the blower fan and sure enough it fired and kept lit. He said “I don’t think that is the problem”. Then the next morning we did the same and for the last week likewise. Starts right up now. The flame sensor just doesn’t have enough time to sense while the cool air is blowing the flame past it, is my deduction. Optical sounds like a good fix or a little timer or delay on the fan could also work.

Will a 6x5 hood work for a Edge 40 oven? George maybe you could let me know. I know an oven needs to be 6 inches overlap on each side of the baking area of the oven (not the conveyor).

And a follow up question. It seems like most pizza hoods are 5 feet wide is that pretty much the norm. Seems like length varies but almost all i’ve seen are 5 feet wide. Is this the norm or am I just seeing things.

Hi Freddy:

Most of the building departments will want the hood to extend 6 in beyond the conveyor ends due to the blow out that occurs on a air impingement Oven. The edge 40 oven is 57.07 deep and 75.25 In wide so A 60in in deep by 72 In wide hood will not extend enough to give you a 6 in overhang. plus a triple stack requires more overhang on the ends to pass a smoke bomb test.

There is no standard hood every hood must be sized depending on the equipment under it.

George Mills