Edge ovens vs XLT I am trying to pick one

Does the 6 inch overhang have to be in the front of the oven as well? Or just the sides if it’s mounted against a wall with stainless steel flashing.

Seems like the double edge 40’s are about 4 inches shy of 5 feet deep. If a hood is 5 feet deep (which most pizza hoods seem to be) would I be ok?

Hi Freddy:

Yes the hood must extend at least 6 in over the front of the oven. Best to be over sized so as not to be shot down by a smoke capture test.

Consider also that some space at the rear of the oven will have to be allowed for gas and electrical connections.

George Mills

Are you still using convection oven? I plan to use convection oven as well on my food truck since I plan to use oven for other purposes also. What do you use for your crusts? screens? I have seen some discussion about the Lloyd’s pans and thinking about getting a couple to try these out as well. Any suggestions? I am looking for thin and crispy, similar to what you describe.