EDGE Ovens

A great start to the week. We had the guys from MF&B install a double stack of EDGE 60 ovens (propane) after midnight this morning. Thomas & John did a great job, very professional, very knowledgeable and fast! I’ve been so used to using tired old Lincolns and now these babies are running! Quiet with awesome bakes. I’m looking forward to tracking energy usage (already they’re way better at managing heat); should lead to far lower electric bills in the summer. These machines are built really, really well!!! Again, a sincere thank you for a job well done to the guys at MF&B!

So you got the new 5/5/5 warranty thing? I saw Mark at the Columbus food show and was ribbing him about how he added that right after we bought our triple stacks.

Yes Brad, we got the 5 yr warranty. How are yours performing? I know you posted a while ago, any updates?

I don’t want to jinx myself, but we’ve not had a single problem and have been saving on both gas and electric. By comparison, this ancient double stack of MM360’s we inherited at our new location has already racked up over $1k in repair bills since we opened in January.

I can’t wait to get the dining room open so we can buy our third triple-stack of Edge ovens. Can’t say that there is any better testimonial than a willingness to buy again.

The Middleby 570’s that I got with my new store are already giving me problems. I can’t wait till I can afford the new triple stack of Edge 60’s for this store. I’m not too worried about the 5 year warranty as I’ve had very few problems and Mike and Mark have been good about outfitting my ovens with the newest items they use like detachable thermocouples ect.

That was good news for the Edge folks that they now have a five year warranty.

Wonder when the rest of the industry will catch up?

George Mills