Edge Ovens

It’s too hot and loud in my kitchen. Thinking of upgrading my 360’s
Paul7979 will you be around next weekend? Could we stop by and check out your shop?
We’re closed on the 4th and looking at a road trip,

Paul in Houston

Paul, I’m going to be heading to NY on Wednesday morning, not returning till next Tuesday.

Oh well. I talked to the guy from Edge and the only edge ovens he knows about in my side of the country is some 40’s in Louisiana.

They would certainly quiet your store and if you hood is sized well they should cool it down as well. They have a lot less hot air coming out of the end than my XLT’s and MM 570’s did. I would assume the same is true of 360’s as well. I don’t know if they still do it but they used to drive an oven to you and make adjustments to it to fit your needs. We cooked 40 or 50 pies through it and a few sheet pans of garlic knots to make sure it didn’t have cooking issues when bogged down.

I met the EDGE guy at NAPICS, he said he’d come out and set it up himself for about $500 and a plane ticket. I’d just feel more comfortable seeing them in action before committing though I’m pretty sure we’ll buy them

Hi Jackaloo:

Changing you ovens to Edge will defiantly make things quieter and there will be less heat blowing out the ends of the ovens. As to if your kitchen will be a lot more comfortable depends on several other factors.

Work comfort in the kitchen depends on the proper sizing of the hood. The temperature of the make up air that you must bring in to replace the air exhausted , the capacity of you air conditioning system and how all those components are designed and sized to work together.

George Mills