Edge Pizza Oven

I currently have 2 Edge60 ovens… Has anyone messed with these to get a better bake? Crisper crust and more thorough bake?
I currently cook for 6:30 at 450 degrees

We have doublestack edge, I think they’re the 40’s? 540 degrees for 4:40

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I have Edge60 with the bottom fully open and the top is open closed closed open. I use pans for the pizzas and have the temp at 460 and time inset to 8:40.

Thank you, so fully open… Does that mean just the fingers without the mesh insert?

We do pans also. 520 temp. 630 time

1/4, 1/4, 1/2, closed, fingers configuration up top bottom all open

Cooks amazing, way better then middleby ever cooked thats for sure

I am a dealer not an operator or technician so I suggest you follow the suggestions of the users. I never have had an operator
that could not get a superior bake with the edge oven.

Thank you

Email mfrench@edgeovens.com they may be able to help you
George Mills