Edible Images?

I tried a few of these images and I know its a gimmick but they sell. We currently charge an extra $10.00 for the image. Just wondering if any one else has tried these? http://www.pizzafest.com/
I am basically just doing anything I can to upgrade a sale. Seems like this might be a really good idea for a college town.

Not sure if I think ewwww or coool. :shock: My first thought was it would be most used for sports team ‘emblems’ and custom kids parties.

Ben, where is your pizzeria located? Do you do lots of done ins, or more a delivery place?

I’m in Lafayette CA, across the bay from San Francisco. We do a pretty equal mix of dine-in Take out and delivery.

the last i heard they were exclusive thru Roma Foods has that changed

I got a flier last year around St. Patty’s day about these. Don’t even remember who it was from. Have to say that I wasn’t really into the idea, but tacking on an extra $10 a pie sounds pretty sweet. How much does the image cost?

The Fat Boy - We’re the manufacturer of Pizza Fest and we sell through PFG Roma Foods and direct through Lucks Food Decorating Company, but it’s best to call and speak with our representative to get specific information for your area…we’re not exclusive everywhere anymore.

Our # is 800-426-9778 or go to http://www.pizzafest.com.

thats good to know thanks

How much do the stock images cost? I could see keeping an inventory of “Happy Birthday” ones on hand for when we have birthday parties.

Piper - email us at pizzafest@lucks.com and we can email you a direct pricing list. It varies for licensed designs (NBA, Nickelodeon) vs. everyday generic birthday, etc. Thanks!