eflow oven manual

I recently bought some e-flow ovens. one has the 4 split conveyor belt(32") and the other has 2 -32" belts. I’m trying to find the original manuals for them so I can know all of the original parts that was in them before lincoln purchased them…I would appreciate any help on this matter…Would be happy to pay for a copy.

You might contact Mike Stellhorn at 913-345-9600. Mike is a rep for Lincoln and the E-flow ovens and he might be able to get you a photo copy of the manual that you are looking for. If it is of any help, the original E-flow company was located in Hutchinson, Kansas.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

eflow manual

Do a Google search for Wolfe Electric in Kansas. They marketed and manufactured the E-flow before selling to Lincoln. Call and ask for Ron Wolfe. I would imagine he would be happy to help you with this.