Eggs in Dough......why?

I come from the mall based pizza restaurants. One of the companies always seemed to change their dough recipes. I found one of their recipes that was close to ther mall based pizza place, which is similar to another company except for the 20 eggs that’s put into the dough. What do the eggs do for the dough?


I am by no means an expert, but I think some people use it to help in browning of the crust and for flavor. I don’t think many places really use it though. If you ferment your dough like in the recepie bank suggestions your dough should have tons of flavor. Color is probably easier to get with sugar if you need it. Good luck!

I agree that eggs are used mostly to help provide crust color, but this is an expensive way of getting crust color. Sugar or dairy whey will work just as well and at a significantly lower cost without the fear of food poisioning due to cross contamination with the eggs (especially shell eggs). Some might say that they get a better flavor with the eggs, and I would tend to agree with that only if the weight of the added whole eggs was at or above 8% of the total flour weight
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

thank you very much for the info.