Electric brick oven recommendations

I have an archaic (and I do mean old, like 20 years) Lang Electric brick oven I am eventually going to need to replace. It’s on it’s last legs and I need to start doing research into some quality brands.

I am limited to electric, and I much prefer brick oven pizzas, so I am asking for opinions on what are some of the better brands I can start researching.

I have started looking a bit, and retailers seem to be saying Baker’s Pride is good, but that’s like asking a used car salesman (the best cars ever produced in history is what he has on his lot).

Thanks :slight_smile:

I know nothing about electric specifically, but you can trust that Baker’s Pride overall is a good name. There are some specific models that may have issues, but those are gas. Do a search on these forums, you’ll find lots about BP.

Hi Decidion:

The bakers pride oven is the standard of the industry. There are more Bakers pride deck ovens in use than any other brand deck oven.

George Mills

Thanks…I’ll use Baker’s Pride in my Craigslist searches, lol :slight_smile:

Oh and I’ll check out your website George for what you have to offer.

Thanks :slight_smile: