Electric Deck Oven vs Gas

Does anyone use a electric deck oven like the PizzaMaster? If so, would love to know thoughts.

We’re interested in replacing our Baker’s Pride Y600 and looking for something modern, efficient, and top quality. We sre a NY Style shop.

Thanks in advance!

I do. Came from blodgetts. They are way more efficient keep the kitchen cooler cook just as well as any gas but way more consistent. Also make sure you check your current available electricity. Most people don’t have enough room in the panel. If interested message me and I’ll get you in touch with the person who got me mine.

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Last year the place where I work switched to electric pizzamaster. So far what I’ve heard is that the bill for this oven is less than the gas oven. It will work for your style of pizza. For us the cooking time for a 16" thin crust pie went from 11 minutes to 8 minutes with the same results. I think there’s a waiting list for one of the models. A minor headache I’ve seen is that we’ve changed the iniside lightbulbs 3 times in less than a year.

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We switched to an electric Pizzamaster from 30 year old gas blodgett ovens and couldn’t be happier.

-We went with the 934 and it fit in the same space as the gas ovens and we added two decks and really went for 10 16" pizza capacity at one time to 24 16" pizzas at one time in the same footprint.
-as another poster mentioned we went from an 8 1/2 minute cook time to 6 minutes with arguably a better result (super crisp crust with the chewy inside our style is)
-The ovens really are WAY cooler in the kitchen to operate
-the ovens are soo configurable because of the settings and glass my guys hardly burn pizzas anymore with much less babysitting the oven
-the ovens absolutely can hit the range they advertise which has been supper beneficial for us as we now make our own desserts in house, in the oven, we are adding new specials and LTO because of the temperature it holds like braised meats and better chicken cooking options
-the extra decks also allowed us to set at different temperatures for cooking allowing our calzones to melt inside better without burning the outside, allowed us to toast bread for our subs better, and has allowed for different style pizzas (experimenting with Detroit Style hoping to roll it out soon)
-we also opted for the steam function which has allowed us to bake hoagie rolls for our subs and we are saving SO MUCH money doing it ourselves than purchasing from a bakery

-yes it has glass doors but actually keeping them clean in incredibly labor intensive but we feel it’s worth it
-in general keeping it clean is more labor intensive. The gas ovens we could sweep into the cavity of the oven and shopvac from time to time. There is no cavity to sweep oven into other than the floor. Plus the outside has to be cleaned when cool so you don’t shatter glass so we had to adjust cleaning checklists
-one another poster mentioned…we change the light bulbs WAY to often in my opinion as well.
-also as another poster mentioned…be careful about the power these things pull. We had to add an additional outside panel, which forced us to get another meter with the power company (this was actually nice so we knew EXACTLY what it cost us to run).

  • adding the additional panel and the 4 inside boxes for each oven, as they run individually, was EXTREMELY costly. To the tune of $8,000 costly. This maybe less if someone has room in their panel but we did not.
    -while they are on caster they are incredibly difficult to move to clean behind (although there was no moving the gas ovens at all so this does allow it).

Sorry for the long post but I was asking the same questions before we made the switch and couldn’t find anything. We had to take a leap of faith with our gut saying it would be worth the cost for efficiency and added features,

We were extremely hesitant going from gas to electric but I would say these electric deck ovens are actually superior in every way and would make the decision to upgrade without hesitation after having them for a few years.

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Thank you. so much for the thoughtful response, this is exactly the information we were looking for. Hoping to maker a switch soon. Thanks