Electric or Conveyor Oven?

Hey folks,
Still planning and setting up the new biz and want to say thanks for all the help the board has offered me to date.

So, my lease has electricity included in the rent (beleive it or not) and Im thinking I would be stupid not to go for the electric ovens just for the huge saving alone. Of course my first concern is the pizza quality and it seems the electirc ovens cook a dry pizza compared to the gas with the moisture content.

My questions are:
1- Is there a huge difference in the final product of the pizza when compared and what are they?
2- Do the electric ovens bog down when the ovens are loaded with pizas compared to the gas model in regarsd to oven getting back up to temp.
3- what would you do in my shoes?

Your choices are wider than you think. You can get electric conveyor ovens… so it is not “electric or conveyor”

I have two stores. I have a gas fired conveyor oven in one and electric conveyor ovens in the other. They do cook differently but I could not say that one is better. If you are looking at impinger style electric conveyors you will not have a recovery time issue as long as the pizzas have an inch or two between them. Deck ovens have more trouble with recovery whether they are electric or gas.

Dam I must proof read my posts… The title should read as you mentioend and thanks for all your help. I am going with the impinger conveyor, Licholn tripple stack, new.

Would you go for the Electirc model based solely on the savings?

I have a triple stack of Electric Lincoln Impinger II ovens in one of my stores. They work very well for me. Does your landlord know what the electric bill for the ovens might cost?

If the electric bill is included in the CAM you will be paying it anyway. If it is truely in the rent you might make it work for a while, but if I were the LL I would find a way to pass the bill to you.

One thing about electric ovens is that, in many places, you will not need an exhaust hood where with gas you will for sure. You need to check the code on that.

I hear ya…
The thing is the hood is in place as we are turning the store from one concept to pizza and rotisserie chicken and ribs. We are presently going over the lease with a fine tooth comb. As far as I understand it, the electric is built into the lease with no strings attached.

I’m going to post my logos to see what you guys think and soon the menu, all i gotta do is figure how to do it here.

Hi Resort Pizza;

Mr Bodegahwy pretty much covered the subject with the correct information.

I would just note that the new national building codes require ventilation over gas or electric cooking or baking ovens. The main objective of kitchen ventilation is the removal of cooking vapors, the next is, to remove the heat.

Note also that new ovens comparable to the Lincoln are available at lower cost.

To Quote Tom the Dough Doctor : I was just working with a Lincoln FastBake oven last week and we had a special order of 20-16-inch pizzas. We ran those pizzas through the oven back to back, side to side, without a hint of space between them and they all came out perfect, all 20 of them. That was a pretty sight! This isn’t unique to the FastBake oven, any of the newer air impingement ovens are up to the same task. That’s progress.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

George Mills