Electric Pasta Cooker Need a Hood?

I’m looking into getting an electric pasta cooker (similar to the oil fryers). I know codes vary, but generally does anyone know if they would require a hood? I would think not since no gas is involved and steam is the only thing given off.

Depends on the city. Ours said anything that even makes steam must have a vent. Even the dishwasher. Seriously.

Hello pizza, In most of the northeast here you wouldn’t need no sort of hood for an electric heated pasta cooker.


We are hoping we just talked to one misinformed person at city hall.

our requirements in indiana are if its involves grease

Hi Pizzapirate;

The national building code calls foe a class 2 " no filters" hood over any steam producing product. Gas or electric is not a determining factor in ventilation.

You will have to make up any air exhausted by the hood you use.

George Mills