Electric Pizza Bags- Heat Zone Promise

I’m interested to hear any feedback about those pizza bags that you plug-in at the store (120v) and then unplug and deliver (same type Dominos use “The Heat Wave”). I want to back my deliveries with my “Heat Zone Promise”:

At Panoli’s we are committed to delivering you hot and fresh pizza on time. Customer satisfaction in the pizza business is fairly straightforward: provide delicious food with good value with exceptional service. All our orders are delivered to you in our “Heat Zone” bags that are pre-heated at our restaurant before your order hits the road. This ensures hot and fresh pizza at your door with a smile. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our product or service please contact us and we will do what it takes to make you smile again.

So, I’m putting allot faith in these bags and some feedback would be great… many thanks[/list]

I have wasted $10,000 + on these bags- they’re finicky and if a driver forgets to plug them in (constant problem), they have very little insulation so they become terrible at keeping pizzas warm. Often when used properly they dry the pizza out. None of these systems that I have use (and I have used a lot) last very long.

I think the old-fashioned $15 hot bag works best. Save your money. Good luck.

10g??? How many stores do you have?

okay thanks, any other people with expeirences? 10k is alot, there only like 100$ each or so? Also, what bag were you using exactly?

Seems we’ve had this discussion before. It has been a while though. I have used both and while the heated bags keep your food hot alot longer than the old fashioned ones. I personally don’t think they are worth the money. One of the companies even has graph showing how long a traditional bag vs an electric bag will keep temp. I THINK they both stay about the same for about 30 minutes. My question is this. How long does it take to deliver a pizza in your area? Over 30 minutes from your store to the customers door? A 30 minute delivery is still a 30 minute delivery. It may be a little hotter in the electric bag, but in the customers mind, if it’s old, it’s cold.

I Delivered for Papas for several years that had heat bags. Ya they work ok, but the plate inside breaks alot.

There was always 5 or 6 bags at anytime that didnt work because of the plates being broke. Also the plugs get messed up. Working a fast friday its not uncommon to drop a bag or yank it out of the plug when you thought you had it already pulled out.

The Papas I worked used about 30 of these. We ran 15-18 drivers on a friday.

i’m in a ski resort town and it gets real cold here. 70% of my delivereis will be from 4km to 5km from my store, and when its busy (slammed) there will be runs between 3 to 5 deliveries all going to hotels that are all close together about 5km (3 miles) from my store. Are you guys using those redi-heat bags?

I am almost certain that I am farther north than you are and I have done deliveries for close to 20 years in the north. In my opinion you are wasting your money with the heated bags. I have had better success with a high quality thermal bag than with the heated bags.

We use both - here’s why:
The heated bag is better for a THIN CRUST, as that pizza doesn’t have enough mass to keep itself hot inside a thermal bag. They are also useful for long drives, or for holding pickup orders hot.
The thermals, though - and we use GOOD ones - are just as good or better for typical runs (more of our pizza’s are our thicker crust). The electrics do NOT insulate as well.

So we use these: http://www.rediheat.com/ for maybe $150 a bag,
and these: http://www.deliverybags.com/products.htm


Pizza Bag

which is better to buy?