Elevated Topping-Rail Pizza Stations

I may have an opportunity to do a project in a really tight space, so efficient equipment is of the utmost importance to me right now.

I’ve typically worked on your standard pizza prep tables with a large counter in front of a topping rail, but I’m very intrigued by the italian style pizza refrigerators with the topping rail above the marble. It looks like we could stretch on one side and line up a bunch of pies under the rail, which saves a lot of real estate (not requiring another dedicated table to stretch on would be a god-send.)

However, I only see obscure brands in Italy. Does anyone know an importer that prices these reasonably or better yet, a domestic manufacturer that produces this style of pizza station?


I’m not certain but I think that Marsal is a somewhat common name in refrigerated tables here in the states. I’ve seen these tables for quite awhile at Pizza Expo. This last year Randell had something similar on display.

We have had users of this type table tell us that the reaching up tires the arms of their workers, None of the thousands of shops we have equipped use that type unit.
George Mills