Am I missing something? Aren’t you the one who’s working 120 hours a week pulling 18K? Now you’re looking for a startup loan?


No… he was quoting Ellemeno. It should’ve looked like this:

Your post…

that’s kind of the same boat i am in. except my town only has 2 pizzerias and one of them is closing and retiring because his building got sold and is being torn down. my wife is a paralegal and she worked for over 10 years in food service. so she knows how to do it and she knows the law and taxes. her stepfather is going to be the manager, he’s been a pizza chef for like 30 years. my best friend is going to be assistant manager, he managed half of the restaurants in kings dominion for 3 years (thats an amusement park like bush gardens) hes also managed 2 papa johns in the past and has all kinds of food safety certifications. and me, im just a pharmacist whose managed a bunch of pharmacies for a bunch of different companies from here to virginia. you think running a pizzeria is hard, im sure it is, but so is filling 300 prescriptions in one 12 hour day and not making a mistake that kills someone and still having to deal with the financial part and ordering and scheduling and dealing with insurance companies. i just never had to write a business plan or get a loan for anything but thats my task right now. i’m just trying to get the money to start and learn from the people around me. its just a little frustrating b/c everyone keeps telling me its impossible to get a loan for a restaurant so im trying to write this stupid business plan for the stupid bank. so i’m not mr pizza. i would never do this on my own without people who know how to run the place. im just trying to learn so i know whats going on when we open.

So JOHNNY is actually trying to give ELLEMENO some advice.


I agree with u johny…banks arw horrible when it comes to help people to start up a bizz… like u said… u better off trying to get a personal loan… unfortunally with crappy rates but when u want to get something done we have no choice than take it…i have been trying to get a startup loan for a while and it seems impossible… so now I’m just working on paying my and my wifes debt so hopefully we can get a personal loan big enough to get going with our own shop…

Okay, I’ve been outa touch for a while, so I’m confused myself. It looks like someone wasn’t playing nice, and I’m not going to pretend I know what this post is originally about, but a I’ll comment on the loan dilemma:
When we started out, the banks didn’t want to help either, they said “Be in business for two years, then let’s talk about your loan”. Now, this is what I did, but it’s not for everybody:
I had always been a true believer in keeping a lot of credit on hand, so i had enough $ in a personal line and a home equity line to pull off the purchase of a shop that was in the toilet. Both were at a decent interest rate. For the capital, I had 5k cash in the bank (which went quick) and used credit cards. I took them up on their offers BEFORE I bought the shop, while my credit was still nice and shiny. I should note that I kept my day job, while the shop is in my wifes name. My credit rating stayed above 720, but I got some funny looks at the car lot when i bought my last truck, “WOW, you sure have some high balances sir, but your rating is good, so you sure know how to balance your budget!” ( What they were really thinking was: DOPE DEALER, theres no way this guy is making these payments on his salary!). Fast forward two years, went back to the bank and got a business loan to pay off the credit cards. That was fun, listening to the bank manager counsel me on how risky it is to carry a business on your personal credit, and how much better off I would have been tax-wise,blah, blah,blah. Like I said, NOT FOR EVERYBODY, but I pulled it off.
Tom R