Email from Olympic Restaurant Equipment Inc.

Anyone else get this in their inbox? I’m thinking someone went on an email harvest. There’s not many other logical places a restaurant equipment place would get my info (it’s PUBLIC, don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting the site got hacked or sold the info).

I wasn’t cool enough to get one in my Inbox.

That makes me happy… perhaps they didn’t get it from here. Maybe it’s that “other place” :slight_smile:

other place? there IS NO OTHER PLACE! :lol:



In addition to that, I have one email here and one email there. No spam on the other place, about 35 a day on the one registered here. CNET is helping me out with this : ) I LOVE the Internet.


Many pizza operations have web sites.

Many of those web sites display Email addresses.

If you put you Email on any site or advertisement you can probably expect to get some unexpected messages.

I tried a spam filter but it had a tendency to delete some messages from clients. I just wade through them now.

George Mills