Email Marketing Company

Friends in Pizza,

A while back someone was asking about email marketing ideas. I suggested they look at Constant Contact. I still think Constant Contact is a great product, but I’ve now started using a different company called[/url]. The pricing is the same. The biggest reason I switched is that [url=] has a drip campaign interface built into their system. As an example, you can put together 12 different emails with specials in them. Each email will go out to the customer based on when they joined your database. So EVERYONE gets those 12 emails, so it really helps to get your brand in their heads. They can get sent out to people once a week for 12 weeks, based on their sign up date, so you can start marketing to people immediately and you don’t have to wait for the next news letter to be put together.

Have a VIP club? Send them a prepared email welcoming them to the club with a coupon immediately. These sort of things make the auto responder (drip campaign) very attractive in my opinion.

The other thing that I really like about this company is that they have split campaigns. Have you always wondered if a headline that read “Buy one, get one free” Or “Your weekly Specials from XYZ Pizza.” Gets opened more? You can run a test and split your list and see which headlines work better. Then tweak, refine, send, test and measure. Repeat until you get it perfect.


I use constant contact. Yes, love it. But…hmm, you are peaking my interest!! I am going to check it out, thanx muchly!!

It looks like “Constant Contact” has just added something like the “drip campaign” like Scott was describing…

If that is the case, jump on it guys!